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Atty.Abdulkadir GÜZEL

 Graduated from Ankara University – Faculty of Law, in 1994. Atty.Abdulkadir GÜZEL completed internship of law in the Ankara Bar Association. After the completion of internship in September 1995, He went to Germany for language education and getting the master degree of law, in 1996 and started to study in Trier University Law School. In 1997, he completed the program and won the degree: “LL.M. (Magisters der Rechte)”.

Atty. Abdulkadir Guzel, who is interested in Philosophy, Sociology and Epistemology as well as Law Science, also followed various seminars and programs related to law, sociology, philosophy and informatics within Trier University. He passed various exams in these subjects and was entitled to receive certifications in these fields. Since 1998, He has been a Law Doctorate at the College Prof. Dr.  Peter Bülow. He took part in the project of Deutsch-Turkisch Rechtswörterbuch (German-Turkish Jurisprudence), by working with his two other jurist colleagues in College Prof. Dr. Gerhard Robbers. This document was published as a book in Germany . 

Since 2000, Atty. Abdulkadir Guzel has been working as a consultant and a representative of private companies and individuals in Gaziantep, as the founder of Güzel Attorneys at Law.  In 2002/2004 period, he worked in the management of the bar and worked as the internship training officer. In the 2004/2006 period, he served as the member of the Discipline Committee.

Atty.Abdulkadir GÜZEL is married and father of three children.