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Atty. Meriç GÜZEL

Graduated from Ankara University – Faculty of Law, Atty. Meriç GÜZEL completed the internship of law in Izmir. After the internship, in September 1995, She went to Germany for the language education and getting the master degree of penal law. During the education in Germany, She took part in the project of Deutsch-Turkisch Rechtswörterbuch (German-Turkish Jurisprudence), by working with his two other jurist colleagues in College Prof. Dr. Gerhard Robbers. This document was published as a book in Germany.

She has an advanced knowledge of German language, as well as basic knowledge of Italian and English languages. She especially works on penal law oriented cases by also having sufficient experience in Family Law, Commercial Law, Commercial Contracts and other businesses and cases. She has served as the founding president in the establishment of the Women’s Rights Commission in the Gaziantep Bar Association. She continues to work as a commission member in this social responsibility task.

Atty. Meriç GÜZEL is married and mother of  three children.